Jumat, 08 April 2011

TheSkinFood Aloe Vera Cleansing Water

On my haul yesterday, I had bought this cleansing water
This cleansing water i use for cleansing makeup everyday
So, this is

(moncongnya patah saat shipping)

Texture? Liquid of course :D
Fragrance, but not too much

Caption from website:

A Cleansing Water that contains aloe and cucumber ingredients, excellent in hydrating and soothing gently removes makeup without irritating skin, leaving it supple and fresh.

# How to Use:
Using cotton pad, wipe gently over entire face along skin texture.
Rinse thoroughly.

Hmm sound nice?

Repurchase? Yes.
Rating : 9/10

6 komentar:

  1. jovee, ada foto teksturnya??-Maaf repotin kamu.hehe

  2. lah namanya cleansing water, ya kayak air dong? putih jernih. hahaha

  3. beli dmn n brp ve??
    wah, kayak toner donk kalo berupa air.hihi

  4. Oooh! Cool. I want to buy this too ;)

  5. BTW. Followed you just now sweetheart ;3

  6. thankyou for following. already follow you back ^^