Selasa, 28 Juni 2011

Caring Colours Beauty Guide

What is this? A mini palette from Caring Colours - Martha Tilaar featuring one powder, one blush, two eyeshadows, two lip colours, one sponge, and four applicators.

They are 6 colour options but I lost the other one.
So there is the review & swatches!

Vol. 1 - How To Take Your Career To The Top

Eyeshadow in Brown & Light Brown - Lip colours in Hot Chocolate & Brown Sugar - Powder in White Beige - Blush in Terra Passion

Vol. 2 - How To Love Your Job

Eyeshadow in Dark Pink & Light Pink - Lip Colours in True Love & Cyber Pink -  Powder in Pure White - Blush in Rose Desire

Vol. 3 - How To Make Your Boss Notice You

Eyeshadow in Dark Blue & Light Blue - Lip Colours in Pink Marshmallow & Cyber Pink - Powder in Pure White -  Blush in Rose Desire

 Vol. 5 - How To Deal with Tight Deadlines

Eyeshadows in Gold & Light Orange - Lip Colours in Brown Sugar & Be Maroon -  Powder in White Beige - Blush in Terra Passion

 Vol. 6 - How To Mingle At New Office

Eyeshadows in Dark Brown & Yellow - Lip Colours in Hot Chocolate & Vintage Red -  Powder in White Beige - Blush in Terra Passion

Love : 
Cheap. Around $7 or IDR 65.000 - 69.000
Handy for travelling
Easy to carry in your purse
Wearable colours eyeshadow & blush
Some colours of lipstick are soo natural
Mirror includeSuitable for gift

Hate :
Applicators! Some shimmer colours of eyeshadows are little bit chalky
Very small pan make it difficult to pick up colors

Creams and powders to be housed in the same palette. it can be messy
Rating : 7/10
Repurchase? No. But I want purchase the Vol. 4 - How To Stay Awake From 9 - 5

NOTD - Sky Blue

Etude - Petit Darling Nail BL501

Minggu, 19 Juni 2011

Shoes Haul

This is first time I purchase shoes from online store.
I've been afraid because of doubts about the wrong size.
But I was wrong, In fact.. I'm so love this!
Its LOCAL PRODUCT dear! Made in Indonesia ♥
Thankyou Adorablestore for adorable shoes ^^

I had blurring my address & contact! Heeeheee

cute packaging ♥

Stila Road To Radiance Across The U.S.A

Compact/mini palette includes 1 cream blush and 4 eyeshadows.

Love :
This palette perfect for daytime look
Cheap, only $10
Love the cream blush & wearable eyeshadow colour 

Hate :
The eyeshadow little bit sticky

Repurchase? No.

Rating : 7/10

Snow Bunny : shimmery silver shade with just a tinge of icy pink
Southern Belle : sheer medium pink with silvery-white sheen
Valley Girl : sheer grayish-mauve with silver sparkle.
City Chick : browned burgundy with subtle shimmer.

city chick  -southern belle - snow bunny - valley girl
cream blush in Hibiscus

Etude I'm Fine Eyeliner

Finally.. from last haul, I'm trying super thin eyeliner pen from Etude House..
its 0,1 mm!!!
Let see more closer...

super thin right? :D

Love :
Thin, easy to draw thin line
Nice packaging

Hate :
Bad staying power if you have oily lid

Repurchase? Maybe..

Rating : 4.5/5