Minggu, 19 Juni 2011

Stila Road To Radiance Across The U.S.A

Compact/mini palette includes 1 cream blush and 4 eyeshadows.

Love :
This palette perfect for daytime look
Cheap, only $10
Love the cream blush & wearable eyeshadow colour 

Hate :
The eyeshadow little bit sticky

Repurchase? No.

Rating : 7/10

Snow Bunny : shimmery silver shade with just a tinge of icy pink
Southern Belle : sheer medium pink with silvery-white sheen
Valley Girl : sheer grayish-mauve with silver sparkle.
City Chick : browned burgundy with subtle shimmer.

city chick  -southern belle - snow bunny - valley girl
cream blush in Hibiscus

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