Minggu, 13 November 2011

Mustika Ratu Smara Bumi Eye Shadow

I really glad to found good local cosmetic product.
This eyeshadow from Mustika Ratu. 
It come with two sponge applicators  and small mirror. 

♥ so earthy weatable colours (pretty green, brown, and yellow)

♥ nice packaging. compact, easy to carry

♥ the texture are smooth and good color payoff

♥ shimmer-satin finish

♥ good staying power

♥ cruelty free! cheap price (IDR 40k)

♥ repurchase other series of mustika ratu eyeshadow!

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  1. heeeeee? cantik amat palettenya... *doyan koleksi, ga doyan pake* ^^