Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

ELF Beauty Eye Manual (Natural Eye Edition)

I cannot hold my self to buy eyeshadow palette with neutral colour  *AGAIN!*
Good for creating smokey eyes, natural eye shade, earthy colour ♥
These beauty books sell for $5 at ELF official website. You get 12 eyeshadows with inexpensive price.
The packaging, look like book with hard cover.

♥ Adorable Price
♥ Nicely pigmented but you still need eyeshadow primer to more virbrant colour
♥ Powdery & little bit chalky
♥ Fallout to cheek
♥ Recommended to beginners who want to try budgeting eyeshadow with best value. $5 is not bad for this :)

♥ Repurchase? No

more pics

look closer

swatches - no flash

swatches - flash

quite pretty right? Do you like this beauty manual book? :D

4 komentar:

  1. hwaa.... Murahnya... ^^

    Joveeta beli dmana?? :D

  2. wow i love this palette! has all the perfect shades for a neutral look. totally grabbing this when i see it lol

  3. Tulisan, femaledaily :P

    Donna ♥ Baby, surely.. i think its good for everyday use..don't need too pigmented eyeshadow for daily eyemakeup :D

  4. The colors are surprisingly mostly shimmery!