Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

Etude Wannabe Style Making Kit

Hi, ladies!
I'm very excited to review this!!
 Makeup collection from Etude for Winter 2011

It's come with cute pinky box, dove part on upper case and glossy on bottom.
This containt 8 eyeshadows, 2 lip & cheek colour, 1 cream highlighter, 2 concealer, 2 cream liner.
At the top of lip & cheek colour has clear plastic to protect them so the eyeshadow will not fallout or mess to lip & cheek colour. Very nice.
The size is 11,5 cm x 6 cm. Suitable for travelling or carry on your pouch.

I think "ahh just etude.. surely so-so pigmentation/quality"
I was very surprise with the eyeshadow color payoff.
And I think the cream liner has dry texture, and I wrong again.. The cream liner very soft & creamy texture.
The cream highlighter gives a very natural glow (I will love this more than my golden ratio)
Yellow and purple concealer are works great too, creamy texture, easy to blend.
I can't stop staring at this

I will not repurchase this because this is Limited Edition!

Let's take a look

 Comparison with Urban Decay Vegan Palette & Sleek Palette

I don't know why the purple concealer look green there ~_~"

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  1. Wow!So nics)It is my dream!♥

  2. cantiiiknyaa...mupeeng~
    brpaan jov? duh limit buy nya ampe kpn yaa...>.<

  3. Anna-Alina, Hope your dream come true LOL xD

    Severus, 20.000 won hehehehe sampe winter berakhir atau stok nya habis

  4. Great post dear! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. >.< palette etudenya tuh... pengen deh haha