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Eleven (11) Thing-y

Thankyou Ningrum who tagged me to create this post.
Her tumblr are so adorable, check! ♥

Here are the rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them that you’ve tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about ‘you are tagged if you are reading this.’ blah blah blah, you legitimately have to tag 11 people!
11 Random Things About Me
1. I love music (Everyone too). I'm playing guitar and drum. I want to learn playing piano, but why em so hard to try? Or just me.. BLAH. 
2. I don't like chinese food. Mostly I'm not likey chinese thingy, include their traditional food. Don't be racist, I'm chinese but I'm born & living in Indonesia *yay*
3. I'm animal lover. Dog, cat, rabbit, especially fluffy fur animal >_<
4. I love crafting. Origami, clay, knitting, anything of 'em. And if I can create/make what things I want, I will do it. I prefer my own made rather than buy ready-made. I make my own brush holder, palette storage, and another storage. I'll show you later ^_^
5. I'm feeling pretty when wearing skirt or mini dress. But I'm rarely wear them! One reason.. Shy. LOL.
6. I'm FOODZILLA and I get chubby everywhere :'(
7. Black, white, pastel colors, gold, amethys purple, they're very me. Simple yet pretty and luxurious.
8. I had clown phobia. I shaking, sweating, heart beat faster, and afraid fully when I near with clown. This happened when I was child until now.
9. I was wasteful. This my guilty pleasure, look-buy-happy-regret.
10. I love tea with honey. Strawberry and guava juice. Surely, I just love friedrice made by my boyfriend. (Secret recipe >_< ♥)
11. I love art. I got art talent from my father. So, basically I love drawing, sketching, painting, designing, decorating. That's why I love makeup, for me makeup is about art of drawing and painting on 3D object of human skin. Not drawing on dead thing ^_^ Human is unique & beauty creature that God ever made.
11 Question I had to Answer
1.What is your favourite song these days? Why do you love it?
 2ne1 - I Am The Best. I love these lyric, powerfull beat, nice music.
2. If you are a king/ president of your country, what will you do to spread ‘eco-friendly-life virus’ to your people?
 Huh? No Idea. I'm not fan of eco-friendly. Hmm... Recommend people to use tote bag, bye plastic bag! *Do you ever feel like a plastic bag.. drifting to the wind.. wanting to start again. - Katy Perry (Firework)* No smoking! Use email, no wasting paper! Use handkerchief, no tissue. Car and transportation fasility with eco friendly fuel.
3. What do you love the most about your personality?
 My confidence, ready smile person, loyal.
4. What do you think about writing blog? Is it very important for you, or it’s just something to spend your time?
 Blogging & writing is important to spend my time! LOL. I feel free to write any my opinion on my blog, and I'm happy to do this.
5. Do you read magazine? If yes, what magazine? If not, why?
 Yes, Girlfriend magz'. Their motto is SELF RESPECT.
6. What was your dream when you were 8 years old?
 Can playing music and become fashion designer. I'm dreaming of this until I'm 14 years old.
7. What vehicle do you like? Why?
 Car. Polution free, smoke free, and not ruin my makeup. LOL
8. What is your favourite skincare/bodycare brand? Why?
 Skinfood. Unique packaging, friendly ingredient, the price is worth the quality.
9. What do you know about natural-organic skincare?
 Huh? No Idea with Organic-thing-y again. The Body Shop? Skinfood!
10. Which language that you adore?
 French. ^_^
11. Do you believe in ‘love at the first sight’?
11 Question For The People I Tag
1. What your bad habbit?
2. What your most guilty pleasure?
3. Which place do you prefer to store your makeup. 
a. Pouch/Bag
b. Dresser Table
c. Bathroom
4. What your favorite foundation?
5. Chocolate or Junkfood? Why?
6. What place you want to visit?
7. Remember your first date? When?
8. What your favorite subject at school?
9. Do you love autumn makeup, or spring makeup? Why?
10. Introvert or Extrovert person?
11. Do you prefer 'no animal testing' cosmetic?
11 People I Tag

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