Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

Caring Colours Happy Eyeshadow - 02 Magical Illusion

I find new eyeshadow from some local brand *yayyy Indonesian!*
So this is new eyeshadow collection from Caring Colours. It has pretty shiny pink packaging with clear lid so we can see the colour. My boyfriend help me to choose one type, just for testing, trying, and make review. He said if that quality is good, I'll take him to choose another shade! HAHAHA. I just confuse when choose the one, it has so much colour options! More than 8 shades..
So we pick 02-Magical Illusion. It has pretty purple, soft pink, and pearly white. All of them has subtle shimmer and satin finish, the texture was very soft, good color payoff, and not chalky at all. Remind me with sariayu's eyeshadow. Hmm? They're in one company (Martha Tilaar)!

I forgot the price, maybe around IDR48,000 if I'm not mistaken. Quite cheap with great quality. I just hate the applicator, annoying applicator. So let's take a look & swatch. I'm not accidentally threw it, and the white eyeshadow are broken :( But not too much, geezzz.

swatch without primer

9 komentar:

  1. how about the pigmentation? :O is it good?

  2. mirip maybelline eyestudio quad ya

  3. rana mustika, pretty eyeshadow is killing me out.

    xiao vee, absolutely good!

    mutiara tanjung, shimmer & pigmentasinya bagusan ini.

  4. indeed hahaha. itu yang pink nggak chalky kan ya?

  5. rana mustika, no chalkyy at all. :D

  6. sori nimbrung...
    cuma penasaran, foto yang di http://lifestyle.okezone.com/read/2012/02/21/28/579735/happy-series-persembahan-caring-colours kayaknya ngambil dari post ini yak? uda dimintain ijin?

    hehehe, penasaran aja biasa kalo berita-berita gitu ga hasil foto sendiri minta ijin atau engga :D

  7. Mira, hm.. mereka ga perna minta izin sama aku soal posting itu..

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