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Coastal Scents 22 Brush Set

Remember this at my last haul? 
I'm very impressed to review this, due to this is my first brush set! *yaaayy*
I'll do review for you guys! And please apologize picture spam. 

So this is a Coastal Scent 22 Brush Set, exactly.. its 22 pieces brush!
Come with black matte case with Coastal Scents print. This set containt a mixture of synthetic, nylon, goat, and pony haired brushes.

Let's take a look..


Large Fan Brush
Synthetic hair with 8.41 cm black glossy handle. This can use for applying blush, remove excess makeup or dusting fallout eyeshadow, adding highlight

Powder Buffer
Synthetic hair with 9.50 cm handle. The bristle not too dense and not to loose, great! This brush are use to applying loose powder, pressed powder, even liquid foundation. But I prefer use this for apply liquid foundation to get airbrush finish and light-medium coverage.

Flat Stippling Brush
Synthetic hair with 10.31 cm handle. I love this for applying cream blush more than my Sigma F50. Not too big, not too flat/dense/loose, just perfect. It can use for applying liquid foundation too.

Flat Top Buffer
First time I open my brush set I just can't stop touching this! Very soft and dense bristle, perfect for blending foundation or loose powder. But I prefer use this one for applying loose powder. If you use for apply liquid foundation it give medium-full coverage (depend on your foundation too).

Angle Brush
Goat hair with 10.20 cm handle. Perfect dense, I love this for apply bronzer, contouring face especially cheekbone, also can use for applying blushes too.

Foundation Brush
Made from fiber hair with 12.47 cm handle. You don't need to ask me what it applying for huh?

Concealer & Detail Concealer
Left side concealer brush are made from nylon hair, right side detail concealer brush are made from fiber hair. Detail concealer is like small version of foundation brush. I think concealer brush (left side) can be use for applying cream shadow too. Which I prefer? I love both of them.

Large Shadow & Blender
Both are made from pony hair. I prefer large shadow for applying eyeshadow on lid area, they're was huge..

Doe Foot Blender
Unique brushes.. remind me to lipgloss applicator LOL. I love use this for contouring nose.

Dome Blender & Dome Shadow
Both of them very multifunctional brushes, perfect for blending eyeshadow, crease, creating outer v, the true smokey eyes stuff!

Medium Shadow, Detail Shadow, Lip
I dunno why the last one are named 'lip brush'? It not synthetic, i think this not good for applying lipstick. Blah

Pointed Blender, Smudger Sponge, Short Shader
I don't know why short shader are named 'Brow', so i name it by my self. It not look like brow brush at all. The pointed blender has tapered shape which it very ideal for blending eyeshadow, creating outer v or crease. The smudge sponge has round sponge tip, good for smudging eyeliner to create smokey eyes effect or blend-out harsh edges of eyeliner. Short shader usually use for applying eyeshadow on lower lashline. They're important brushes for perfect eyemakeup. Fabulous. ♥

Large-Medium-Small Liner/Brow
I don't have any complain. The large one for applying eyebrow powder, medium and small can use for applying gel liner. I like thin slanted brush like this!

Good value, you get 22 pieces brushes and just spending $34.95 (exclude international shipping & tax)
No harsh & fall out hair
Very functional brushes

no lip brushes, I had no other complain.

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  1. Bagus banget ya coastal scent brushmu, jov :) Beli di mana ini? *pengen*

  2. seems a really good set of brushes! :D
    thanks for the review


  3. ihearthana : www.coastalscents.com

    rana mustika : udah disebutin diatas deh kayaknya.

  4. Jovee...
    gila bikin ngiler nih koleksi brushnya. Tapi menurut aku sih mahal bener yak? $34 belom sama international shiping + tax -_____-

  5. Haloo numpang comment y :)
    Kok kayaknya sama masami shouko agak mirip ya kemsannya...

  6. Tadinya sempet liat di salah satu olshop tapi takut kasar.. Tapi kalo baca review kamu rasanya alus banget, jadi mupeng lagii.. hehehehe


  7. sekaraum, emang mahal kalo langsung beli segitu. tapi beli segini langsung jauh lebih hemat & qualitynya maximal, gak tanggung2 deh :D

    Vani Sagita, don't worry.. this very worth the price & quality :)

  8. hi...setelah baca review kamu tentang coastal scent brush jadi pengen beli...
    thx for the review...

    pls follow me back..

  9. joveeta lee, brush nya beli dimana? di FD kah? beli di siapa ya? harganya sekalian deh hehehe
    maap nanya borongan..
    tengkyu yahh

  10. Flat Stippling Brush nya merk apa dan beli dimana ya? aku mau juga..sebelumnya terima kasih.

  11. Lussy, semua yang saya review merk Coastal Scents. pls baca dulu secara lengkap.