Rabu, 28 Maret 2012

Baviphat Sugar Girl Candy Gloss (Milk Chocolate)

I'm not really fan of lip glosses, but this one.. cause their packaging and cuteness! LOL

The packaging is really look like lollipop candy, but the applicator is not look like other lip glosses. I'm not really like spatula applicator, but more clean than doe foot applicator. I choose 'Milk Chocolate', *cause i love chocolate so badly.

About texture, it has thin and sticky texture and just show really opaque colour. If you have dark lips, it wouldn't show any colour. But I love high glossy finish even I don't like to wear high glossy finish lip product to go out. Haahaha. This not drying your lips, but hydrating very well..

Although I'm not really like this product and regret to wasting around $7, I love the smell! Chocooolate..
Cute : YES
But not worth it to purchase. Just buy clear gloss, that's better.

Take a look, here is it..

Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

Sleek Crème To Powder Foundation Tester in Light

How long I' not posting here? I miss you guysss
What I'll review today? 
So this is one foundation range from Sleek, but I try in tester version. 
Crème To Powder means it has cream texture and will change to powder texture on your face.

They said :
Oil-Free Crème to Powder is a full coverage smooth concealing foundation that leaves you with a flawless and matte powder finish.

Buying foundation by online store and choose right foundation shade is usually tricky. Some picture swatch said it fit on but other picture said not, and you will stuck. If lucky, you'll pick good choice, or just wasting money. Sleek has made good idea by making tester version come with few shade to try, you can see the texture or coverage fit to you or not.

Sleek Crème To Powder has 4 options to choice. Light, Light/Medium, Medium/Dark, Dark. Each tester containts 5 shade. I got 'Light' which includes Shell, Sand, Calico, Bamboo, and Latte. Spend $4.50 is better than wasting $11 (fullsize), right?

After trying for few times, I would say this has thick texture, but I'm very impressed it not feel heavy on skin! Easy to blend with fingers or sponge, it will take a time if you still want to apply with brush. *your brush will eat much product! wasting time, wasting product!* If you not blend it really well, it might sink into finelines. About coverage, it has medium coverage. Covering redness, even out skintone, some blemish, and give natural flawless matte finish. Even it cream to powder texture, it not drying on my face and make some crack. I'm impressed with the staying power too, quite good. I'm not using blotting paper for.. 5 hours? forgot.
Another good thing this is has no scent. Awesome!

My shade is Sand, really love it! I'll buy fullsize version!!


465 Shell - 484 Sand - 478 Calico - 485 Bamboo - 458 Latte

Sabtu, 03 Maret 2012

ULTA Extreme Wear Gel Eyeliner

I'm quite interesting with ULTA product. I choose this gel liner, with Dublin shade.

Their claims:
Long lasting intense color and the beautifully creamy formula allow maximum control for precise application.  ULTA Extreme Wear Gel Eyeliner is versatile enough to wear every day or take on a night on the town.

It comes with frosted glass jar, pretty huge jar. But the quantity are same like other gel liner, 3g/0.11oz.
Dublin has pretty army green colour with subtle shimmer. But I need to apply twice layer to get real solid colour.

When I see the texture on jar, it look like 'hard to blend detected' but I goooes wrong! The texture was very creamy, smooth glides, applies like dream. About staying power, it just so so.. easy to smudge out. Maybe you can prevent smudge with eye primer and skintone eyeshadow. Aaaah I'll try again, I love this colourr very much. Green eyeliner can be pretty without looking "You want go to clubbin' huh?"

Price : $9 on ULTA website.
Repurchase? No.

Quick Review - Etude Petit Darling Eyes Cream

Time just go fast, March already come.. I'm not doing any review about one week. Do you miss me? >.<

So I'll begin with quick review first. This is single cream eyeshadow from Etude House. Come with small packaging, and clear lid so you can see the colour. It just open-close features, no applicator, not higienic for me. So don't share your cream makeup with your friend or other people, always close when you done to use it.

I choose shimmery white colour because white is multipurpose colour. You can use white on tear duct, eye colour base, browbone highlight, even nose bridge and cupid bow. The texture are not really-really creamy but not too hard to pick up the product too, not bad.. well, it easy to blend. But, if you don't put any eyeprimer, it will creasing! About price, this cream shadow well pretty cheap, maybe around IDR50,000 or less than $5