Rabu, 28 Maret 2012

Baviphat Sugar Girl Candy Gloss (Milk Chocolate)

I'm not really fan of lip glosses, but this one.. cause their packaging and cuteness! LOL

The packaging is really look like lollipop candy, but the applicator is not look like other lip glosses. I'm not really like spatula applicator, but more clean than doe foot applicator. I choose 'Milk Chocolate', *cause i love chocolate so badly.

About texture, it has thin and sticky texture and just show really opaque colour. If you have dark lips, it wouldn't show any colour. But I love high glossy finish even I don't like to wear high glossy finish lip product to go out. Haahaha. This not drying your lips, but hydrating very well..

Although I'm not really like this product and regret to wasting around $7, I love the smell! Chocooolate..
Cute : YES
But not worth it to purchase. Just buy clear gloss, that's better.

Take a look, here is it..

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