Minggu, 15 April 2012

NYX Stick Blush

Hi, guys! Do you have tried blush in stick form? 
I’ll introduce to you my new fave blush! NYX Stick Blush *yaaayyy*

They said:
Add a touch of color with our creamy and extremely pigmented Stick Blush! Available in eight rich shades! Apply and receive the perfect glow every day! 

*whoaaah I'm excited!!*

It comes with small, short, and round plastic packaging. Light weight, easy to carry to your pouch, easy to apply too! Just twist the body, make some ‘dot dot’ on your cheek, blend it well with finger or brush and voila! Also with cute small heart shape () on top of cap.

I really love the texture! Soft, creamy, easy to glide on your skin and blended well. It dewy finish, but not too greasy or full shiny like most cream blushes, remind me to cheek stain. And I think this is good to any skintype, not drying your skin more (if you dry type) and not make your skin more oily! No annoying fragrance, cruelty free, no animal testing. Good pigmentation and staying power, oh please what need to complain? I think no ^_^

Anyway, it  available for 8 pretty shade for you choose. How much? Just spend $6, or maybe IDR75,000-85,000 if you are in Indonesia.

Hibiscus :  peachy pink with warm undertone and little hint of brown, no shimmer, pretty similar with NYX Cream Blush in Natural. It will look good on many skintone, especially light-medium skintone.

Tea Rose : medium berry pink, no shimmer. I don’t know this similar with NYX Cream Blush in Tea Rose or not, I don’t have! *LOL* Hmm.. I have NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose, they’re really similar but tea rose in blush version is more lighter than tea rose lipstick. It gimme natural flushed pink to my cheek  (blushy, shy face, whatever you call it)

Orchid : Coral-orange with some hint of peach, with very subtle gold shimmer *ahhhh love it!*. I think this a bit similar with NYX Powder Blush in Pinched.

flash : hibiscus - tea rose - orchid

no flash : hibiscus - tea rose - orchid


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  1. wow three colors in row ^^ niceee and pretty! :D
    nice review sis ^-^ mine is only in pink pink XD hehe

  2. Thank you for the review, Joveeta! :D

  3. By the way, I have a trophy for you! ^u^

  4. the babies look adorable and yummy(huh??)

    I can't wait to eat them :p. I love hibiscus the most

  5. nice review sis..
    pengen nyoba yg orchid :D

  6. wah tea rose, namanya sm dengan round lipsticknya yaa :D

    btw i give you an award: http://purplelyhazelly.blogspot.com/2012/04/blogger-appreciation-award.html


  7. Pengen coba, tapi takut terlihat mengkilat di kulitku yg berminyak >.<

    I give you an award, please check my blog ^^

  8. i want this soooo bad!
    which one you love the most?

    christanath's beauty blog

  9. They look great! I've never tried NYX products, even though they're everywhere =\

  10. The colors look nice!!


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