Minggu, 20 Mei 2012

ELF Studio Eyebrow Treat & Tame

Hi, guys! Sorry for long time not writting any posting and review.
Are you looking for cheap, affordable, but great brow-cara? hmm I mean brow-mascara, or what so ever you call it. Heehee

Let me introduce you my favorite brow product now ^_^
I saw this product when I bored with brow powder, so I try from the ELF.
It available in 5 shades; light, medium, dark, ash, deep. I purchase 'deep' one, i think 'deep' are best fit for my eyebrow hair.
Only $3, it may cost IDR50,000 at local online shop. Very good price, right? 

It double-side, the 'Treat' side is vitamin infused gel formula to help stimulate hair follicles so your once thin and sparse brows become thicker. NOT for SET YOUR EYEBROW. Use it after skincare, not after you do your eyebrow. The 'Tame' is a fiber enhanced mascara formula that has a tint of color to define and keep your brows in place for a fuller and more natural looking brows. I lovee this product! When I'm in hurry I just brush the tame to my brow, twice! Thats enough for natural eyebrow look. 

This one has good staying power and last longer, unfortunately it not really waterproof. And, the applicator not tapered enough to reach end-of my eyebrow. So, if you make mistake, just swipe it  with Q-tip ^_^
I think this product worth the price ^_^

 before. sorry for disgusting blemish on my forehead and my dark circle >.<"

after. sorry for overlighting... hahahaha

Do you like brow-mascara? What eyebrow product you like?

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  1. I don't use eyebrow products, but this looks like it would be useful for a lot of people with thin eyebrows ^^

  2. Sebenernya aku juga suka deh sama si treat & tame ini, pake yang dark en match banget warnanya, not too dark and not too light. Staying powernya juga oke banget, dari jam 7 pagi-5 sore masih rapih aja alisnya. Tapi sayang engga waterproof, gitu kena air langsung bubar T.T
    Mau cari eyebrow maskara yg waterproof, apa ya jo? Cuma tau canmake aja, tapi bingung milih warnanya. Yang direview banyaknya yg blonde >.<

  3. I once bought this
    gel for your eyebrows..
    but that's all.

    I think the color
    suits you well, looks
    natural too!

    xx ♥ http://icepandora.blogspot.com