Senin, 07 Mei 2012

NYX Powder Blush in Pinched

Since I fallin' love with shimmery blusher, after read some review.. many blogger said NYX Powder Blush in     Pinched are dupe of NARS Orgasm. It just $6, what a great price. Agree?

It come with sleek black packaging, and clear plastic on center so you can see the colour from outside.
This blush has peachy pink colour, with hint of subtle gold shimmer. I think it look flattering on mostly medium skintone. Don't worry, you'll not end up like disco-ball face. Just subtle shimmer, will brighten' your look :)

About texture? Really smooth and silky. But not BOOOO powdery.. 
Not really special wow staying power, but it last 4-6 hours. That's enough, don't need to complain this one. 


have you tried NYX Blushes? :)

4 komentar:

  1. aku punyaaaa juga yg pinched XD suka sama wrn nya yg natural hehehe


  2. spertinya glitternya banyak skali yaa o.O


  3. Looks great blended and no I haven't but I want to. Then again I don't want to collect too much makeup I won't use >.<!

  4. sumpah jov ini blush cakep banget warnanyaa pengeeeeen >.< ....